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  • Over 1,000 prototypes and projects! One-stop for solution proposals based on a track record of prototyping for electric vehicles (EV), biosensor substrates, FCVs, medical care, and 5G in the U.S.

  • We handle everything from rolling methods to single wafer automatic machines! We propose automation equipment with QCD (Quality, cost, delivery) suitable for mass production projects. We can also propose solutions for many pieces of unique equipment such as machines compatible with 600mm width rolling, and image robot presses.

  • Achievement of punching with positioning accuracy of ±5 μm! Using a mold with a built-in camera (patented method), mass production of high-precision encoder scales is possible through robotic image positioning.

  • Burr-free punching for copper and aluminum heat dissipation substrates! We employ the fine blanking method used in industries such as automobiles and semiconductors, resulting in punching without burrs or sagging.

  • Ultra-thin foil for electrode materials used in rechargeable batteries can also be punched! 10μ aluminum foil can be processed without burrs or coat peeling. In addition, we propose solutions for a drop-out lamination method that is excellent for mass production.

  • Quality control system philosophy of "100 millionths of zero" with no market complaints Mass production results based on 45 years of technical knowledge of electronic parts, circuit boards, and FPC precision presses. State-of-the-art DX press processing that can handle all traceability data (Smartfac! ©)

We offer overwhelming competitiveness in punch processing as well as in accelerated product development.
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Rechargeable battery materials

Aluminum electrode foil, resin separators, small metal separators, capacitors
Zero clearance mold
10μm aluminum foil can removed from the mold and rolled to achieve no loss of barrier coating. We have extensive knowledge of foil processing technology.

FA/Robot field optical components

Rotary encoder scales
±5μm positioning press punching method
This is an important component that is attached to the shaft of a servomotor and used to control the number of rotations. Amidst the need for coaxiality, the built-in camera mold construction method was commercialized for mass production.

Large roll material processing

Metal foil, film, tape, cushions, non-woven fabrics
Wide roll handling.
A material thickness of up to 600 mm can be processed, and any metal mold, blade mold, or combination mold can be used.

Large-size sheet material processing

Metal foil, film, tape, cushions, and various sheet materials
Processing of large-size sheet blade dies
We provide one-stop services for Thomson blades, pinnacle blades, etched blades, bic blades, engraved blades, mirror blades, and various other blade shapes, as well as special specifications for cutting edges, materials, hardness, accuracy, and coatings.

5G PTFE sheet cutting

PTFE sheets
Sheet cutting and guide hole punching of ultra-thin elastic roll materials
Capable of cutting sheets up to 600 mm in thickness.


Artificial dura mater sheets, implantable blood glucose level sensors, biosensor substrates
We can handle punching, inspection, and assembly in a clean environment.
We can propose solutions for the processing of cell sheets with a device capable of positioning a single cell (5 μm). Please contact us for more information.


Copper/aluminum heat dissipation board, package board
From 9 μm foil to about 5 mm thick copper substrate. Processing without burrs.
Various lead frames and package substrates are also available. Please contact us for more information.


LED headlamp array board, automotive voltage monitoring board, capacitors, coils
Various proprietary equipment such as a robotic press, image positioning press, and other fully automated press equipment.
We propose optimal processing methods based on our 45 years of experience in processing printed circuit boards and FPCs.

Printed electronics

Film, sheets, and roll substrates with printed circuits
Crimp processing: Through-hole alternative technology (double-sided circuit conduction processing via press caulking).
We offer sustainable construction methods via no-plating/through-hole processing.

Special materials and special processing

CFRP, CFRTP, thick polycarbonate (5 mm), super fiber (Vectran, Zylon), titanium foil, medical stainless steel foil, metal fiber
Laser processing, router processing, ultrasonic processing, microimprinting processing, heat press/thermoforming processing, bending processing
We provide a one-stop solution for everything to do with the commercialization of punching.

Next-generation manufacturing

4x units of 6-axis articulated robots, AI collaborative robots, Work history cloud data system
Robot technology, application development technology, joint demonstration test of AI robots
By combining the product data collected by AI robots and AI image inspection together with work history data for all processes, we aim for sustainable manufacturing that does not or is unlikely to cause any defects.


One-stop services for punch processing
High precision positioning press
Rechargeable battery electrode foil punching
Large roll press processing
Ultra-thin PTFE sheet cut processing
Fully automated alignment guide drilling
Fully automated robot press line
Metal foil roll punching


Punching.NET presented by
Company name Sanko-Giken Corporation
Chairman of the Board Yoshimi Tanaka
President and Representative Director Takeshi Tanaka
Established 01.10.1976
Location [Head Office] 3-5-38, Tamakushicho Higashi, Higashiosaka Shi, Osaka Fu, 578-0932, Japan
[Factory No.2] Next to the main factory (complete clean room press factory)
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Business Activities 1. Precision pressing, inspection, assembly, (prototyping, development projects, mass production outsourcing)
2. Application development and sales
Examples of main processed products Substrates, precision printed goods (etching), non-ferrous metals, film, precision press processing (drawing, bending, cutting) / precision assembly work / inspection processing
Intellectual property 2 utility models for roller conveyors
Patent for a "Mold with a Built-in Camera + Robotic Positioning Device"
Patent for a "Face Shield Realized by 3D Folding Technology"
Neck-mounted face shield trademarked "Smile Shield"®
Daily work report recording application Trademark registration for "Smafac!"®